Ideal Customer Profiling

An ideal customer profile (ICP) is a description of your best potential customer. By creating your ICP based on sales data and advanced analytics, you'll make sure that it matches the DNA of your best customers.


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In this 20-minute webinar you will learn

1. How to create ICPs based on your sales data.
We demonstrate how companies can be classified based on historical sales data. We also explain how advanced analytics cn be used to identify the attributes that have most significant affect on your sales performance.
2. How to easily enrich the existing information of your prospect companies.
We reveal how you can get more information about your best customers by using a company data provider.
3. How to use ICP for targeting.
We point out how ICP can be used for acquiring new clients that are most likely to buy your product. 



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Niko Päivärinta

Niko Päivärinta
CEO at InlineMarket 





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