Professional Services


Our team focuses on providing scalable cloud-based data platforms. Our goal is to maximise automation and get the most out of existing business data.

Onboarding Services

Get unmatchable peace of mind when our experts deploy our predictive platform, validate your data and setup, and guide you through every practicality to maximise your performance.

Integration Services

Build customer-specific data models and measures for reporting and advanced analytics.

Data Specialists

To build customer-specific data models and measures for reporting and advanced analytics.

Dashboard and Reporting Specialists

Build custom dashboards and reports. Our dashboards and other data visualisations enable your customers to focus on their business’ critical measures.

DevOps & MLOps

Continuously develop your platform and predictions. We leverage CI/CD infrastructure for better quality and lower overall costs. Data scientists in the MLOps team focus on improving the accuracy and stability of live forecasting models.

Live Support

In case you need anything, contact us via email or Teams! Our team will always respond.

Our customers


We are Microsoft Gold Partners

InlineMarket is a Microsoft Gold partner, which means that we’re committed to the highest standards of customer service and work closely alongside Microsoft. We’re experienced with Microsoft platforms and can offer you guidance and advice on getting the most out of Microsoft technology. We also have two Silver competencies, one in DevOps and the other in App Development.
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