How to install InlineInsight



What does this integration do?

This integration enriches your HubSpot Deals board by assigning each deal a score. The scores (1-100) indicate how likely each deal is to turn into a closed-won deal. 

The deal scores are based on your historical sales data, selected data points in HubSpot, and custom-trained algorithms.  


Give InlineInsight App access to your HubSpot data


First, login into:


Step 1 Login

Click the "Authorize new channel" -button.  Select HubSpot. 


Step 2 Authorize New Channel

Select the HubSpot account you want to integrate with InlineInsight. 


Step 4 Select HubSpot Account

Connect HubSpot with InlineInsight App. 


Step 5 Connect App

HubSpot will appear in the list of selected sources.




HubSpot appears in selected sources

Ready! The application will do the following automatically. 

Create a custom numeric field (called 'deal score') in the Deal Information group where the scores are pushed back.  

Now you can view the deal score of each deal in your sales pipeline directly in the HubSpot interface. The higher the score, the more likely the deal will convert into a won deal. 


Step 7 View Deal Score

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