AI-Driven Deal Scoring For HubSpot.


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Identify your best sales opportunities and sell faster with predictive scoring.


Key Benefits


Know which deals to focus on.

The deal scores update automatically on daily basis and the ranking list of your best deals can be viewed directly in HubSpot.

Keep better track.

Avoid delays in actions leading to a risk of losing the deal. Know which deals and sales reps need support or coaching from your sales manager.

Improve your pipeline analyses. 

Identify gaps or weaknesses in your pipeline and improve your revenue estimates. Gain insight on what works best when it comes to sales actions.

Go data-driven in sales. 

Empower your sales team with AI and improve their productivity by turning from gut feel decisions to data-driven ones. And ultimately, enjoy faster growth!



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Scoring based on your sales data.

Our predictive technology can tell you which accounts and deals in your pipeline are most likely to turn into won deals based on historical data.


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Easy access to scoring. 

All we need is access to your HubSpot Sales and you are good to go. The scores are delivered directly and automatically to each deal in your pipeline.

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No one-shoe-fits-all approach.

We train custom models for every business individually to achieve the best prediction accuracy. All available HubSpot data points, from historical data to account industry and lead behavior, are included in the analysis.


Take full advantage of HubSpot features.

Filter and rank your deals in every stage of the pipeline according to deal scores to spot deals that require nurturing or are near closing. We can help you to create workflows to receive automated notifications when deal scores reach pre-defined levels or changes in score trends are detected.

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