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Our mission is to increase our customers’ data-driven businesses with a strong focus on technology. We help sales and marketing professionals to be more successful by using Data & AI. Our platform benefits machine learning for automation and higher business performance.



Sales and Marketing Alignment

InlineInsight is a sales and marketing alignment platform that increases business performance. The platform capabilities include Full-funnel Analytics, Advanced Campaign Analytics, and Predictive Deal Scoring. 


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Sales and Demand Forecasting

InlinePredict is a forecasting platform that uses machine learning to deliver highly accurate predictions of your sales and demand. The highly automated platform reduces forecasting time from months to hours - even for big volumes! The platform uses data from internal and external sources so that all relevant factors can be included in the analysis.


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Predictive Deal Scoring

Deal scoring is a part of the sales and marketing alignment platform and used for ranking and prioritizing leads in the sales pipeline. Deal scoring helps your sales team to focus on closing deals with the highest value and to automatically see which deals have less of a change of closing. This way you can optimize your sales processes and increase the success rate.


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Predictive Deal Scoring - InlineInsight

Professional Services

Our team is focused on providing scalable cloud-based data platform. Professional Services are helping our customers in onboarding and extending the available Platform Services. Machine Learning Operations service provides Data Scientist expertise in a continuous, operational manner. With MLOps we aim to increase automation and improve the use of existing business data.

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"InlineInsight platform has automated our work and now we don't spend time in data collection and reporting, but rather use that time for analyses and insights creation."

Konsta Pohjamo
CEO @ Markkinoinnin Muurahainen




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