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Sales and marketing alignment means optimizing your sales and marketing cycles as a whole and directing all actions toward the same prospects. Our solution capabilities include full-funnel analytics, predictive scoring, and advanced campaign analytics that help you to get there. 



Solution capabilities

Predictive Scoring

Deal Scoring is an AI-based subscription service for ranking and prioritizing leads and deals in the pipeline. It is a perfect solution for B2B companies that typically have tens or even hundreds of potential new customers in the pipeline at the same time. 




  • Focus. Predictive Deal Scoring helps your sales teams to focus on the right deals and prioritize their activities.

  • Improved execution. Understanding the importance of different marketing and sales activities (attributes) is valuable insight and will improve the execution of the deals.

  • Automation. Automated nurturing programs can be triggered based on score changes to engage the customers in the pipeline at the right time.

  • Improved forecasts. Predictions of closing probability improve sales pipeline valuations and result in more accurate revenue projections.

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Predictive deal scoring

Full-funnel Analytics

InlineInsight platform pulls together your sales and marketing data and lets you analyze your customers' actions from the first touchpoint to a closed deal.


  • Traffic analysis. Understand which campaigns drive the most traffic to your website and optimize marketing activities for traffic growth. 
  • Cost-efficiency. InlineInsight platform automatically compares the costs of marketing and sales qualified leads. 
  • Automation. Your sales team will be notified each time an MQL turns into SQL reminding sales to focus on marketing leads that have already shown high interest in your company and products. 
  • Forecasts. InlineInsight uses machine learning algorithms to determine attributes affecting deal closing the most and indicates you whether a deal is hot, warm or cold.
  • Optimization. Reverse back to see where your most profitable customers came from and find out what made them purchase. 
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Advanced Campaign Analytics

Get a full view across your digital marketing activities, compare easily the effectiveness and spend on each channel, and understand what works the best for your customers!


  • Campaign Analytics. Monitor and analyze campaign metrics and understand the spending and revenue generated by channel and campaign.
  • Social Media Analytics. Follow and compare your organic and paid social media performance across all channels and optimize your content performance. 
  • Email Analytics. Track the performance of your email campaigns.
  • Automation. InlineInsight stays automatically up-to-date. Get visual marketing reports, analyze KPIs, and share your results with others.
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