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Professional Services



Our team is focused on providing scalable cloud-based data platform. Professional Services are helping our customers in onboarding and extending the available Platform Services. Machine Learning Operations service provides Data Scientist expertise in a continuous, operational manner. With MLOps we aim to increase automation and improve the use of existing business data.


Professional Services

Onboarding Services

Smooth employment of our predictive platform. Our experts validate your data and set-up as well as walk you through practicalities to take your performance to the next level.

Integration Services

To add customer-specific data sources into the platform. Extracting and piping the data from internal and external data sources.

Data Specialists

To build customer-specific data models and measures for reporting and advanced analytics.

Dashboard and Reporting Specialists

For building custom dashboards and reports. Dashboards and other data visualizations allow customers to focus on their businesses’ critical measures.

DevOps & MLOps

For on-going development of platform and predictions. We utilize CI/CD infrastructure for quality and lower total cost. Data Scientists in the MLOps team focus on improving the accuracy and stability of live forecasting models.

Live Support

In case you need anything, contact us through email or Teams! Our team will respond.

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