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optimize with predictive ANALYTICS

Harness the power of automated forecasting and artificial intelligence! InlinePredict platform harmonizes internal and external data and uses machine learning algorithms to help you maximize your sales and to minimize loss and expenditure in inventory management. This means, that you can predict and optimize your business with maximum accuracy!




Automate sales Forecasts for operations and reporting. Use working time more efficiently and increase accuracy with automated reporting and budgeting
Maximize sales by optimizing product availability. Ensure the availability of your most demanded and profitable products and services. 
Minimize loss and capital expenditure in inventory management. Optimize inventory and maximize your product flow.

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How iT works

  1. Scope - Internal and external data. InlinePredict harnesses data from internal sources, like CRM, WebStore, POS and ERP systems. Sales, inventory and consumption data, and desired external data sources, like industry indicators and calendar data. Forecasting levels e.g. product group hierarchies are selected. This means that you can get accurate predictions on channel, store, product group or even on a product level. 
  2. Data insertion preparation. Data input method is selected and support for input data structure is validated.  Additionally, input data anomalies are identified.
  3. Training models - Supervised learning. InlinePredict automatically feeds the input data to different forecasting methods, compares the accuracy between methods and selects the best performing method. Algorithms automatically detects trends and seasonality. 
  4. Forecasting - Production use. Platform generates the forecasts and confidence intervals on desired levels and selected time period. The forecasts can be utilized for demand forecasting, sales predictions and optimizing product availability.





Forecast are generated automatically and as often and itemized as desired


InlinePredict is industry independent and suitable for both, online and brick-and-mortar stores

Trend recognition

Platform automatically detects and predicts seasonality

Machine learning

Platform uses 7 different time series forecasting techniques to ensure the best model accuracy for your data


Accurate forecasts in automated manner simply by using existing data and business related external sources


Cloud-Architected service‎ makes usage easy and cost-effective


Increase the productivity by outsourcing forecasting and reporting tasks

Power of AI

No Data-Scientists needed for benefiting the power of AI