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Do more with your

marketing data

Improve your ad campaign and social media performance with InlineInsight automated analytics tool. Get the full view across your digital marketing platforms to help you understand what works - and what works even better!

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Ad Campaign analytics. Monitor and analyze key campaign metrics and understand the spend and revenue generated by channel and campaign. 
Social Media Analytics. Follow and compare your organic and paid social media performance across all channels. Monitor metrics like clicks, CTR and follows to optimize your content performance. 
Email Analytics. Track the performance of your email campaigns.
Automated Predictions. Get predictions of your future campaign ROI, cost and value. 
Automated marketing dashboards.  Get visual marketing reports, analyze KPIs and share your results with others.

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How iT works

  1. Automated data collection - InlineInsight platform collects data from your ad channels and social media platforms. 
  2. Total view of your marketing efforts - Collected data is harmonized, compared and presented in easy-to-understand, visual reports. 
  3. Get Insights - Analyze your marketing performance, predictions and optimize your actions. 

Supported data sources



Follow and optimize KPIs on source & campaign level (email + connected SoMe sources) through Hubspot. 

Google ads 1

Follow Google Ads performance on campaign & Ad Group level.

google analytics

Analyze goals with Google Analytics. 


Follow your Facebook performance on campaign, page & post level.


Follow the performance of your company's Instagram page, posts, videos & stories.


Follow the performance of your company's LinkedIn page & posts.

Follow your email campaigns & events performance through Apsis. 


Follow Adform performance on campaign level.

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