We are the link between data and growth


We first employed AI in 2000-mitä?


In early 2000, it appeared that data analytics solutions in its time were unable to forecast market demand. That's when we created our first solution allowing companies to analyze their business better and anticipate the future with predictive analytics.

Since then, our international team has grown and we have developed several solutions that help sales and marketing professionals leverage data in decision-making.

Full-funnel analytics

To make it easy to adopt data-driven solutions

We at InlineMarket help sales and marketing professionals succeed by making it easy to adopt data-driven solutions and AI. All our solutions benefit machine learning for automation and higher business performance. Our Professional Services help our customers in onboarding and make sure all our solutions run seamlessly. 


AI-powered data solutions and cloud architecture

Our team can help you with data warehousing and reporting solutions. We also advance sales and marketing tools but adding a touch of AI. Read more about our customer cases. 

Data consulting

We have been Microsoft Gold Partners for two years in a row demonstrating our best-in-class capabilities within Azure.        

AI & Machine Learning

We can improve your current data analytics solution with AI and machine learning - or start from scratch. 

Data warehouse

We make sure that your data is safely and effectively stored. All our solutions rely on a cloud-based architecture and this way are available for your whole team at all times. 


Visualized dashboards make it easy to understand the insights behind the data. 

Customers and references



InlineMarket customers and references





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Our people and culture

We are a multicultural team of experts


We have grown from a one-person company into an international team, including experts from data scientists to business majors. Our way of working is based on MLOps and DevOps.
We value professional and personal growth. That is why we are active in taking online courses, having internal seminars, and contribute to international tech forums. Each employee is enrolled in a personal development program. 
We also like to have fun! On Fridays, we eat breakfast together at the office, and from time to time, order lunch or cheer with a cold beer in the afternoon hours. We also have regular team activities and trips overseas.

New talents are always welcome

We are always looking for new ambiguous and talented people to join our team. 


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Helsinki, Finland

Meet our team

Niko Päivärinta

Niko Päivärinta

Chief Product Officer & Founder

Niko has graduated with an M.Sc in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology. Ever since he has worked on several SAP and analytics-related projects and has gained over 20 years of experience in advanced data analytics. Niko leads InlineMarket's product development team.

Ari Heino

Ari Heino


Ari's background is in economics and business administration. In his free time, Ari spends time capturing wildlife in nature and


Raj Pan


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